How Are Small Businesses Reacting to the Move to the Cloud?

Are Small Businesses Embracing the Move to the Cloud?


Business in the cloud

Business in the cloud

A Massive Market in the Cloud

600 million global small businesses are indeed embracing the move to the cloud. There are 29 million U.S. businesses that can be included in this market. These businesses are eager to have apps. There is a massive market that is running operations in the cloud.

Nielsen Consumer Research

There has been research conducted by Nielsen Consumer that offers many insights. There has also been more research conducted by Intuit Inc. that can show the extent to which the many smaller businesses have already moved right into the cloud.


Nielsen research

Nielsen research

The Research Results

The Nielsen consumer research and the Intuit Inc. research have revealed the following results:

* There is a profitable developer opportunity within the small business market; At this time, the small business owner is spending approximately $630 a year on necessary software solutions. Within the next five years there will be approximately 85 percent of these small businesses who will be willing to invest much more money on exceptional software solutions.

* Financial management is the core of the cloud; The approximate time that a business owner will spend online running their business is four hours every day. These activities online include:
* Generating invoices
* Bookkeeping and accounting
* Accepting payments
* Managing Customer relationships


better business software

better business software

Businesses Need More Solutions

These businesses will need routines or devices that will work smoothly with their existing system. This would be an integration between the solutions. This integration solution would include the mobile solutions. Almost half of these smaller businesses have the smartphone as the main device that runs their operations.

Developers Will Need to Meet Business Needs

The research clearly shows that the developers will need to keep up with the changing business needs. They will need to find methods to creating game-changing apps. The developers will have a large role in helping these small businesses reach their highest potential. This will be done in the cloud. This is a worldwide cloud market that can assist in making the small business more than just thrive.


small business in the cloud

small business in the cloud

Small Businesses are Reaching for Cloud Adoption

The developers will have the chance to completely capture the advantages that are available within small business apps. The number of small businesses who are already adapted to the cloud. There are even more businesses that are moving fast toward the cloud and fully embracing these solutions. This is a fast moving percentage that will be cloud-powered. There will be many more businesses that will reach for cloud adoption.

The Upward Movement for Developers

The QuickBook Online platform has become larger in size and will become even greater in size. This will continue to grow and broaden for the developers. This platform has seen ten times the increase in the past year alone. The total currently has 10,000 working and active developers. This past year the developers provided and offered approximately 80 apps. These all worked with QuickBooks right online. Currently there are well over 1000. This includes 200 that are in the Online apps store. These are in QuickBooks.


software partnerships

software partnerships

Developers can Partner With Intuit

Experienced and recognized developers along with the developers who are starting out, have an exceptional opportunity to broaden offerings. The opportunity to partner with Intuit is available. The open platform and a highly energized Intuit team provides a chance to support these small business across the world. This partnership will ensure that QuickBooks Online application programming will be simple to call. This includes APIs and interfaces.

These Small Businesses Provide Big Opportunities for Developers

It is safe to state that these businesses are looking for apps. This clearly means that the app. developers will have a big need to meet. There is an abundance of big opportunities for every developer. The ever changing needs and the embracing of the move to the cloud leave many opportunities.


Embrace cloud technology

Embrace cloud technology

The Cloud is Embraced

It is clear that the cloud has definitely been embraced by small businesses everywhere and all across the globe. There is much movement and expansion when it comes to the cloud. The developers will need to seize the opportunity and can expect a continuous growth. The excitement of this global small business embrace will only rise upward.

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